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RNA 10 Area. Welcome Aboard.

Welcome to the Royal Naval Association Number 10 Area web site. Number 10 area is the largest of the RNA areas, and stretches from Whitehaven to Crewe, across the sea to the Isle of Man and across the border into North Wales.

This web site will be a place to check out the latest news from around the area and beyond, to link to other sites and to find out information about the committee and branches. There is also a photo gallery where you can share all your pictures. Comrades and shipmates who have crossed the bar will also be remembered. The minutes of the area committee will be available on the site. We also have a comprehensive collection of official papers from the National Archives and other sources released under the Freedom of Information Act.

RNA 10 Area News.

28. 03. 2014

Recent decisions taken by the National Council.

Council noted that a defibrilater had now been obtained

The Council accepted and approved the Financial Statements for FY 2013


          Next meeting  June 13th at Coventry.


27. 03. 2014

Sprijng Area Conference

No10 Area Spring conference will take place in Blackpool on Saturday April 25th as part of the Area's reunion weekend.based at the Britannia Savoy Hotel Queens Promenade. The meeting will commence at 1200.


27 03 2014

Llandudno Branch: Changh of meeting venue.

Llandudno RNA have changed the location for their monthly meeting to the British Legion Llandudno,  Vaughan Street, Llandudno.   Next meeting April 24th.


20. 02 2014

More bad news on the new Crrrier Aircraft Programme.

 Problems with the new F35B jet raise fears of another MoD equipment fiasco

These aircraft ordered by Britain have “unacceptable” software problems and are less reliable than hoped, a report has warned.

The US-built £70 million F35 stealth fighters are facing more delays and remain vulnerable to fires, the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester has said.

MPs said the findings raised concerns over the future of one of the country’s costliest defence projects, with the Ministry of Defence committed to buying a fairly large number of the jump-jet aircraft.

A 25-page report to be delivered to the US government next week is the latest to contain scathing criticism of the F35 Joint Strike Fighter project.

The plane, built by Lockheed Marlin, is the costliest and most advanced ever built and Britain has said it will buy at least 48 jump-jet variants to replace the retired Harrier fleet.

F35s, also known as Lightning, will fly from the two new Queen Elizabeth- class aircraft carriers aid will also be based at RAF Marham, Norfolk. The Government originally said it would order 138 aircraft, but Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, has so far only committed to buying 48. The first British F35s are due to be operational in 2018 and will be flown by 617squadron RAF followed by 807squadron RN

15 02 2014

Further New Carrier delays Averted

Philip Hammond the Defence Minister has announced that extra money has been found to bring forward the  delivery of the 'Crowsnest' Airborne Surveilence Radar and Control programme to 2019.  IT was announced last year by the National Audit Office that the system was being delayed meaning that the RN would not have an operational carrier until 2022 at least two years later than planned. The introduction of 'Crowsnest' at this earlier date (18 months) will ensure that HMS Queen Elizabeth will have the full range of capabilities when it enters service.  'Crowsnest' is a helicopter based ealy warning system.

16. 01. 2014

Drum Roll World Record Attempt

As part of the RM 350th anniversary celebrations, the members of the Corps of Drums of HM's Royal Marines Band Service will be attempting to break the current world record for the longest continuous drum roll. The record attempt will take place in London on 5th May 2014


16. 01 2014

A Royal Navy Navy warship has returned to Portsmouth after ensuring a number of Russian ships had a safe passage along the UK coastline at short notice over Christmas. HMS Defender, one of the UK’s newest and most powerful Type 45 destroyers, began her 700-mile journey from Portsmouth to the north east of Scotland on 19 December 2013 to meet the Russian task group.
As the fleet ready escort, HMS Defender was the Royal Navy’s high readiness warship over Christmas and the New Year, meaning she stands ready to respond to a wide range of short notice tasks from search and rescue duties to maritime security patrols.
The Portsmouth-based destroyer sailed through high sea states and storm force winds to welcome the group of 6 vessels, including a 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier. Due to bad weather, the Russian fleet anchored in the Moray Firth before heading down the east coast of the UK. As a sign of the friendship between the 2 navies, goodwill messages were exchanged between the ships on New Year’s Eve.
The Minister for International Security Strategy, Dr Andrew Murrison, said: The UK and Russia enjoy a good relationship, and the deployment of HMS Defender, one of our newest destroyers, as fleet ready escort underlines the Royal Navy’s modern-day utility in UK interests.
HMS Defender’s commanding officer, Commander Phil Nash, said: As a maritime nation, the security of the seas around our coastline remains vital to our national interests. This tasking has demonstrated the Royal Navy’s enduring commitment in home waters and readiness to undertake tasking at any time of the year. I am extremely proud of each and every one of my sailors; they have tackled this mission with utter professionalism and dedication to duty, whilst also being separated from their families at short notice over Christmas and New Year.
HMS Defender’s operations officer, Lieutenant Commander Mark Mason, added: This high readiness tasking demonstrates the Type 45 destroyer’s flexibility and agility. These highly capable warships are prepared for high-end war-fighting, but are equally adept at conducting interdiction operations, disaster relief missions and patrolling the nation’s coast line.



31. 12. 2013

RNA members among New Years Honours

The RNA Chairman, S/m Chris Dovey has been awarded with the OBE and also the Association Vice Chairman, S/m Keith Crawford who receives the MBE The RNA Honary Chaplain, the Rev. Scott Brown is appointed the CBE


S/m John Hague

t is with deep regret that Trafford Branch of the Royal Naval Association report that Shipmate John Hague BEM has ‘Crossed the Bar’ at the age of 93. John had suffered ill health for a number of years, and passed away peacefully on 20th of December 2013, at home surrounded by his devoted family. The officers and members of the Trafford Branch extend their deepest sympathy to Carol, Chris and the Hague family in their sad loss.

The funeral will take place at Altrincham Crematorium, Dunham Massey, on Thursday January 2nd 2014 at 1330.

John ‘signed up’ as a member of Trafford Branch on the commissioning night of the Branch on the 23rd of April 1986, and until ill health made it difficult for him to attend, he rarely missed a meeting. Although John was a reserved person, he was always on hand and willing to lend a hand with fund raising especially for the purchase and dedication of the Branch Standard.

John kept in touch with the Branch gossip and was visited by the Welfare Officer regularly. He especially looked forward to receiving his copy of the Area 10 magazine ‘Vanguard’. It was only after months of persuading that I finally managed to get John to open up about his war record, and get his permission to print it in the ‘Vanguard’ His story is reprinted here.

In November 2009, John was honoured with the King Olav Norwegian War Medal, which was presented to him by the Norwegian Naval Attaché Knute Haute on behalf of the Norwegian Government.

On Remembrance Day 2012, John was missing from his usual place at the local War Memorial, wrapped up warmly and proudly wearing his medals, this was one of the first times John had been unable to attend this special service.

John served in the Royal Navy from 1938 because John was interred in a neutral country; he was unable to continue in the Royal Navy and was discharged from the service in February 1942.

Diana Hutton (Branch Welfare).

In January 1941, five ships sailed up the Clyde, carrying valuable war cargoes of steel, machine tools, aircraft parts and guns, nothing unusual in that except that these ships had been spirited from under the noses of the Germans. Thus begins one of the greatest sea adventures of the last war.

S/m John Hague of the Trafford branch was taken prisoner by the Germans at the 1st Battle of Narvik, when his ship HMS Hunter was sunk. Shortly afterwards the Allied Forces broke though the German defences and the Prisoners of war became an acute embarrassment to their captors, who were unsure what to do with them. Under armed guards, John, along with the other POW’s, was forced to march in appalling conditions. In sub zero temperatures and blizzards when the snow frequently reached up to their chests, living off very basic rations including ‘Hard Tack’ biscuits, they eventually reached a ski resort on the Norwegian border ,and were set ‘free’ to travel over the border into neutral Sweden.

John spent most of his time in Sweden, working on a farm at Gunnurn. Later he went south to a place called Halsinmo; there the Chief Stoker in charge of the Royal Navy POW’s asked for volunteers. Word reached the POW’s that a plan was being formulated to escape, by stealing five Norwegian vessels ranging in weight from 5,000 to 10,000 tons, ,which had originally been bound for Britain with much needed war supplies, and were now interred in Gothenburg. S/m Hague then a young man of 20 was one of four Royal Naval ratings who along with three others AB’s Hunter, Johnson and Steel volunteered to crew one of the vessels, just enough to man the engines, a Mate and a Skipper, a Scot who worked out of Liverpool on an iron ore ship.

Each one of the volunteers were left in no doubt that this was a life or death situation, as the German Consulate was watching all shipping movements from the harbour closely, John said “We wanted to make a bid for freedom and home. " Having received their instructions, the volunteers waited for a suitable opportunity to take over the ships. On January 20th 1941 at around 1400, the plan was put into action, travelling down to the harbour in civvies, they boarded the ships. Even the weather was in the escapee’s favour, as a heavy fog hung over the water and it was a moonless night. One of the MVs sailed first, acting as a decoy, keeping dose to the Swedish shore, the other four Mvs then left Gothenburg Harbour as the ships were coming out of the Skatterac, they joined up with a German convoy by mistake. John could see the German gun posts on the coast, but fortunately they didn’t open fire, this may have been because the decoy ships were flying the Norwegian flag (a favourite ploy of the German Navy.) John's ship RANJA was an oil tanker and not only did they have to contend with the German Navy, (who once they realised that part of ‘their’ convoy had turned and were sailing in a different direction from the main body) began firing at the ships, they now had the Luftwaffe strafing the decks, and trying their best to blow the ships out of the water. As if this wasn’t enough there were also minefields to negotiate, and when these had been cleared it was every ship for her self. John’s ship kept up a speed of 10 knots going flat out up to dawn, by then they had reached the North Sea, no one had any rest and John and his comrades were on duty for over 24 hours before they sighted a British destroyer and were escorted ‘home’

Along with the other volunteers, John received a telegram from the Admiralty thanking them for their ‘Spirited and courageousness which has enabled 5 merchant ships to reach this Country with their valuable cargo.’ For his part in this ‘escapade’ John received the British Empire Medal. He is believed to be the last UK survivor.

Read the full story of the re-discovery of S/m Hague's ship, HMS Hunter

16. 11. 2013

Area Conference & AGM

The 2014 Area conference & AGM will take place at the North Manchester Branch venue, the VASA club Whitemoss Road Blackley Manchester M9 6EF on Saturday January 25th 2014 commencing at 1200.

16. 12. 201`3

Charitable Donations to Orgsnisations other than Naval connections

The National Council has drawn attention to the General Secretary's guidance regarding donations made by branches to charities other than than those with Naval connections. Although Council has no wish to tell branches which charities to support, it points out, when collecting for charities not connected with the Naval Service, it should clearly state which charity you are actually collecting for ie, local hospital or hospice etc.You must state this on collecting tins, raffles, concerts etc Failure to do this, could attract the attention of the Charities Commission..

16 12. 2013

Decisions taken by the National Council at their December meeting

IThe Council decided to pursue an option with Ansvar Ltd to provide the options from branches to take out PLI and ELI at an extremely good rate.

The Council approved slightly changed ToR for the AMC.




S/m Barbara Jones.

With deep regret we announce that S/m Barbara Jones has sadly passed away in the early hours of Friday 22.11.2013.

Barbara was well known both in Area Ten and throughout the RNA. She was secretary of Liverpool Branch for many years and after moving to Runcorn became treasurer of Runcorn Branch.

Barbara was Area Chairman for a number of years.

on behalf of the Offiers of the Area Committee and members of Area 10 we extend our deepest sympathy to Barbara's Family.

Rest in Peace, Shipmate



20. 02 2013

Armed Forces veterans asked how transition to civilian life can be improved 

Former Service personnel and their families are being asked how the transition to civilian life could be improved for Armed Forces leavers.

Serving Armed Forces personnel and veterans on parade 

Serving Armed Forces personnel and veterans on parade (library image) 

[Picture: Senior Aircraftman Ben Tritta, Crown Copyright/MOD 2012] 

Lord Ashcroft, the Prime Minister's Special Representative for Veterans' Transition, is launching a website through which veterans, families and others with an interest in the area can report their experiences, including problems they have encountered, and make suggestions as to how the process could be improved.

Contributions will be considered as part of Lord Ashcroft's official review of transition, which will report at the end of 2013.

Contributions can be made on the 'Have Your Say' page of the Veterans' Transition website.

The review will consider all aspects of transition including employment, health, housing and education. As well as listening to the experiences of individuals, Lord Ashcroft's team will consult industry, local authorities and government departments, as well as other bodies including Service charities and the Armed Forces themselves. Where necessary, Lord Ashcroft will recommend to the government specific changes of policy or practice.

The work aims to build on the Armed Forces Covenant, which commits the government to ensuring that veterans receive fair and equal treatment and are not disadvantaged as a result of their service to the nation.

Lord Ashcroft said:

"It is very important to me to get a feel for what those going through the process of leaving the Services actually experience. I want to know whether there are gaps between the government's good intentions and what happens to individuals on the ground.

"We will consult widely, but I also want to hear directly from those who have a view and want to be heard. The experiences of individuals and families who have made the transition from military to civilian life will play an important part in the review, and ultimately, I hope, in ensuring those who have served the country get the support they deserve."

Minister of State for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans Mark Francois added:

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