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HMS Coventry - May 25th 1982.

HMS CoventryHMS Coventry (D118) was a Type 42 (Sheffield Class) destroyer of the Royal Navy laid down by Cammell Laird and Company, Limited, at Birkenhead on 29 January 1973, launched on 21 June 1974 and commissioned on 20 October 1978.

Coventry was accompanied by HMS Broadsword off the Falkland Islands on 25 May 1982 when they came under attack by four Argentine A-4 Skyhawks. Despite managing to shoot down two attackers earlier in the day, on this occasion the enemy aircraft flew so low that Coventry's targeting radar could not distinguish between them and the land and failed to lock on. Broadsword attempted to target the first pair of attackers with her Sea Wolf missile system,HMS Coventry but her own traExplosion on HMS Coventrycking system locked down during the attack and could not be reset before the aircraft released their bombs. Of the four bombs released, one struck Broadsword's flight deck and - though it failed to explode -destroyed the ship's Lynx helicopter. Though she was still unable to gain a lock on the second pair of Skyhawks, Coventry launched a Sea Dart in an attempt to distract them and turned to starboard in order to reduce her profile.

On Broadsword the Sea Wolf system had been reset and had successfully acquired the attacking aircraft, but was again unable to deploy when Coventry's turn took her directly into the line of fire. Coventry was struck by three of the four bombs released, capsized, and sank within 30 minutes, with the loss of 19 of her crew.

Read the Board of Inquiry report into the loss of HMS Coventry.

Roll of Honour

* Marine Engineering Mechanic Frank O. Armes
* Chief Weapons Engineering Artificer John D. L. Caddy
* Marine Engineering Artificer Paul B. Callus
* Weapons Engineering Mechanic John K. Dobson
* Petty Officer Michael G. Fowler
* Weapons Engineering Mechanic Ian P. Hall
* Lieutenant Rodney R. Heath
* Laundryman Kye Ben Kwo
* Weapons Engineering Artificer David J. A. Ozbirn
* Lieutenant Commander Glen S. Robinson-Moltke
* Leading Radio Operator Bernard J. Still
* Marine Engineering Artificer Geoffrey L. J. Stockwell
* Weapons Engineering Artificer David A. Strickland
* Able Seaman Adrian D. Sunderland
* Marine Engineering Mechanician Stephen Tonkin
* Cook Ian Turnbull
* Weapons Engineering Artificer Philip P. White
* Weapons Engineering Artificer Ian R. Williams
Additionally, one member of the crew died from a tumour a year later - caused by skull fracture sustained in the attack:
* Marine Engineering Mechanic Paul T. Mills.

A memorial cross was erected on Pebble Island after the war. The wrecksite is a controlled site under the Protection of Military Remains Act.