RNA 10 Area
Unity, Loyalty, Comradeship and Patriotism

RNA 10 Area. Bill Carruthers - Vice President.

Bill enlisted in the Royal marines in 1952 at Lympstone. He took part in the Spithead Review in 1953, after leaving the regular RMs he rejoined the RMFVR and qualified as SNCO with Green Beret training. He was awarded the LS and GS medals in 1964.

In 1971, Bill assisted Lt. Gerry Lynn in forming a RM Cadet detatchment within West Derby Sea Cadet Corps. Following Lt. Lynn’s promotion, Bill took over the Marine Cadet Detatchment as CO achieving the rank of lieutenant in 1972.

In 1972 Bill asked if he could be the Standard Bearer for Liverpool and this led to taking part and winning many Area competitions.

In 1989 Bill was included in the Queen’s Birthday Honours and was awarded the BEM for services to the RNA.

Bill has won the Area 10 Standard Bearer’s Competition six times, the Area 8 open competition twice and the Area 1 open competition once. He has been deputy standard bearer three times, and National Standard Bearer five times.

Bill was deputy NCM for two years and in 1996 was elected NCM, a post held until this year when he had to resign due to ill health.

He was allocated the position of National Social and Ceremonial Officer, a job he was to do until recently. Bill has been busy amending the Guide to Ceremonial which was out of date.

bill was instrumental in introducing the RNA credit card from which the association benefits to the tune of aroud £2500 annually.

In January 2005 Bill was invited to become the Vice President of Area 10.